Dick Lugar, school board member

Sen. Dick Lugar got his start in politics as a member of the Indianapolis school board in the 1960s. So it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of language about education on both his Senate and campaign websites.

Or that much of it is eminently reasonable.

Sure, there’s the usual conservative rhetoric about how parents and local school officials know best and we need to eliminate federal red tape and regulation. But most of the Indiana Republican’s positions on education are pragmatic and civic-minded.

He supports “innovative and evidence-based” practices, like making effective use of technology and collaborating with businesses and community organizations. He argues that a “strong K-12 system with high standards, full accountability, and a rigorous curriculum” should be a national priority. He calls for emphasizing math and science education.

He even sponsors awards for schools and educators and touts partnerships with the Indiana State Teachers Association to recognize favorite teachers and distribute books to needy children.

Partly because he has been too moderate for the Republican base, Lugar faces an uphill battle in Tuesday’s primary Continue reading